T-pattern three-way ball valve

3 way ball valve t port can connect three orthogonal pipes to each other and cut off the third channel.3 way t port ball valve has a balance, guaranteed to seal off the end of the tunnel.

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T-pattern three-way ball valve

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With a T-port ball valve you can have straight through flow in one position and turn the corner in the other direction or diverted flow. You might want to have straight through flow when feeding water spray heads for keeping coal dust down in position one and use the divert port to drain the excess water from the spray heads in position two. With a T Pattern Three-way Ball Valve you can have flow to one port or paint gun in position one and flow to 2 paint guns in position two as all 3 way t port ball valve can be connected. This cannot be accomplished with an L-port valve.

Product features
1, three-way ball valve adopts the integration of structure in the structure, four plane seat seal, flange connection, high reliability, realize the lightweight design
2, T tee ball core, long service life, the flow capacity is big, small resistance
3, ball valve by acting cent two kinds of single and double action type, the characteristic of single acting is once the power failure occurs, the ball valve will be in a state of control system requirements.

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