Top entry ball valve

Trunnion Top Entry Ball Valve is around a fixed axis rotary switch valve is closed, line pressure act directly on the sphere to the bearing.Csting top entry ball valves is open when there is no pressure on the line.
Pressure rating
ASME Classes 150 - 300
Standard connections
Top Entry Ball Valves :Threaded, Socket weld, Butt weld, Flanged

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Top entry ball valve

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» One-piece flange Trunnion Top Entry Ball Valve design
» Double block and bleed
» One-piece ball and stem assures precise positioning
» Anti blowout one-piece ball/stem design
» O-rings plus fire-safe packing prevents leakage
» Corrosion resistant low friction bearings
» Wave springs provide upstream and downstream sealing
» Stainless Steel Sealant injection fittings for emergency stem of seat sealing
» Inline repairable due to reasonable seat retainer design
» Minimized torque required to open and close valve
» Anti-static grounding between ball, stem and body
» Integral top works direct mounting pad
» ASME B16.34, API 6D, API 6A, 607 and 6FA, NACE MR 0175
» CE Marked (P.E.D.97/13/EC)

Size range(s)
NPS 1/2 - 12
(DN 15 - 300)
Pressure rating
ASME Classes 150 - 300
Standard connections
Threaded, Socket weld, Butt weld, Flanged
Features and benefits
● Exclusive Memoryseal™ seats compensate automatically for wear and fluctuations of pressure and temperature.
● Multiple solid cup and cone type PTFE stem sealor graphite packing.
● Two-piece self-aligning packing flange and gland.
● Stem guides in cover and gland bushing eliminate side thrust.
● Longer cycle life.
● Lower, uniform torque.
● Blowout-proof stem.
● Live-loaded thrust washer prevents galling and provides a secondary stem seal.
● Meets ASME B16.5, B16.10 and B16.34, API 608, API 598, API 607 Rev. 5/ISO 10497.
● Fully-enclosed spiral wound graphite filled stainless body gasket.
● Permits in-line access for seat replacement.
● ASME Section 8 cover/body flange connectionand bolting provide high sealing integrity of body gasket.
● Body-cover joint not affected by pipe stresses.
● Wall thickness complies with ASME B16.34.
● Can be welded into line without disassembly in accordance with Velan installation instructions.
● Stainless steel trim on all valves including handle.
● Oval handles with locking device, as well as extensions available.
● Ball-to-stem only (NPS 2/DN 50) full port and larger) and stem-to-body static grounding.
● Locking devices standard.
● Tapping for mounting actuators standard.
● AGA and CGA approved, regular port, threaded ends (optional) NPS 1/2–2 (DN 15–50).
● Valves can meet NACE specifications for sour gas service when required.
● Optional topworks: live-loaded single or double packing; TA-Luft certified when supplied with PTFE live-loading packing; and bellows seal design.
● Fire tested in accordance with API 607 Rev. 5/ISO 10497.

The main performance parameters
NominalPN(PMa) test pressure
case High pressure liquid seal Low pressure liquid seal
1.6 2.4 1.76 0.6
2.5 3.75 2.75
4.0 6.0 4.4
CLASS150 3.0 2.2
Applicable conditions Applicable medium Non-corrosive water, oil, gas and other corrosive media and acid-base
proper temperature -28~350℃
Application Specifications Connecting flange GB79-59 GB9113、HG20592-27、ANSI B16.5
Inspection and Test JB/T 9092-99、API598

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