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metal to metal ball valve

Eccentric Plug Valve

Stainless steel eccentric plug valve technical parameters
Nominal diameter DN: 50 ~ 800mm
Nominal pressure PN: 1.0MPa
Operating temperature: 0 ~ 70 ℃

Cryogenic Ball Valve

The cryogenic ball valve is used to cut off or connect the media in various pipeline of Class 150~Class 1500. The valves made of different materials are suitable for various media and different temperature.

One-piece Ball Valve

The integral ball valve has such features as small fluid resistance, compact structure, light weight, flexible opening and closing. The one piece ball valve adopts the integral structure, so it is much smaller than the ordinary ball valve, and its weight is much lighter with good sealing performance.

Cast Trunnion Ball Valve

Cast Trunnion Ball Valve are manufactured to the latest
edition of API Standard 6D and tested to API Standard 598.

Forged Trunnion Metal Seated Ball Valve

Double block and bleed Ball Valve

Cast Floating Metal Seated Ball Valve

Cast Steel Control Valve are manufactured to
the latest edition of...

Y-Type Forged Steel Globe Valve

Y-type forged steel valve has three valve cover design form. The first one is bolted bonnet, designed according to this design form valve, the valve body and bonnet connection with bolts and nuts, spiral wound gasket (304 folders flexible graphite manufacturing) seal.

Mounting Pad Ball Valve

The mounting valve has such advantage as small fluid resistance, rapid opening and closing, compact structure, small volume, light weight and good sealing performance.

NPT Ends Ball Valve

The NPT ends ball valve is used to cut off or connect the media in middle and low pressure pipeline. The driving modes include manual operation, or pneumatic operation and electric operation. According to different structure designs, the NPT screwed end ball valve can be one-piece, two piece and three piece.

Top entry ball valve

Pressure rating
ASME Classes 150 - 300
Standard connections
Top Entry Ball Valves :Threaded, Socket weld, Butt weld, Flanged

Two-way plug valve

Manual, flanged, straight-packing structure, cocks sealing surface is made of gray cast iron (X43W-10), copper (X43T-10), nominal pressure PN10, body material is gray cast iron plug valves.


The 3 way ball valve,4 way ball valve is used for switching, converging and diverging pipeline medium flow direction.

Top Entry Ball Valves

The top entry ball valve is mainly used on pipelines and industrial systems. It has such advantages as top online maintenance function, small fluid resistance, simple structure, reliable sealing, convenient operation and maintenance, rapid on-off operation, flexible operating and closing, etc.

Orbital Ball Valve

The valve is suitable for use in petrochemical industry, liquefied petroleum gas storage, refinery, natural gas, compressor system, oil and gas transportation pipeline, light industry, textile and other industries.

Cast Floating Ball Valve

Floating Ball Valves are manufactured to the latest edition of API Standard 6D and tested to API Standard 598.

T-pattern three-way ball valve

For general diverter service, L-port ball valves are often used. If you want maximum flow in one direction, an L-port valve won’t help you as the flow will
have to turn a corner in both valve positions.

V type ball valve

The V Series Valve is suitable for use on various pipelines of Class150~Class300. According to different user requirements, the V type ball valve can be used for two purposes.

Fully Welded Ball Valve

cameron fully welded ball valves is welded by forged steel. The forging materials are subjected to ultrasonic examination according to ASME nondestructive flaw detection requirements. The welding slope on the connection face is subjected to liquid penetration examination.

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