Y-Type Forged Steel Globe Valve

Y-Type Forged Steel Globe Valve has three valve cover design form. The first one is bolted bonnet, designed according to this design form valve, the valve body and bonnet connection with bolts and nuts, spiral wound gasket (304 folders flexible graphite manufacturing) seal.

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Y-Type Forged Steel Globe Valve

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customers have special requirements can be connected metal rings. the second design is the welded bonnet, this design in the form of sweeping design of the valve, the valve body and valve cover with a threaded connection, the internal pressure from the seal ring seal.
Y-type valve may be designed to have a cut-off valve and check valve.
Y-forged steel globe valve standard
Y-forged steel valves and check valves comply with ANSI B16.34. Inspection and testing according to API598, marked by MSS-SP-25.
Bell end in line with ASME B16.11, Screwed Ends (NPT) comply with ANSI / ASME B1.20.1

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