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Forging floating ball valve product design is based on API 6D, ASME B16.34, using two or three pieces of floating the valves design.Forging floating ball valve is suitable for medium and small diameter pipeline. Forging floating ball valve has the advantage of compact structure, reliable performance, small size, light weight, can effectively save costs.

Cast Floating Ball Valve

Floating Ball Valves are manufactured to the latest edition of API Standard 6D and tested to API Standard 598.The ball of the floating ball valves are floating. Ball valve with float, valve body channel and connecting tube diameter equal to a diameter, the medium can almost no loss flow through.

Cast Floating Metal Seated Ball Valve

Metal to metal floating ball valve itself is the main characteristics of compact structure, reliable sealing,simple structure,convenient maintenance,sealing surface and the spherical often in the closed state,not easily be medium erosion.Metal to metal floating ball valve is easy operation and maintenance, suitable for general work medium,but also is suitable for the working conditions of media,widely used in various fields.Casting floating ball valve body can be integral,can also be group type.

Forged Floating Ball Valve

Forged Float Ball Valve are manufactured to the latest edition of API Standard 6D and tested to API Standard 598.Forged 3 Ways Ball Valve has long service life, large circulation capacity and small resistance.Forged float valve has high automaticity, no manual operation is required.

Forged Floating Metal Seated Ball Valve

Floating Ball Valve Seat is a sphere with a circular hole, and the opening and closing function is completed by the stem drive. Floating Ball Valve Seat has the characteristics of the fast structure of the compact switch. Floating Metal Seat Ball Valve channel diameter is the same as pipe diameter, small flow resistance and large circulation capacity.

Cryogenic Ball Valve

The cryogenic ball valve is used to cut off or connect the media in various pipeline of Class 150~Class 1500. The application of cryogenic ball valve control temperature, prevent explosion, leakage and other hidden dangers.The valves made of different materials are suitable for various media and different temperature.

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