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Check Valve product design is based on BS1868, API 6D, ASME B16.34. It is widely use, and have good sealing performance, simple structure and reliable performance

Forged flange check valve

Forged flange check valve design structure and characteristics
Flanged valves comply with API 602, MSS-SP-118 (using standard) and ANSI B16.34, B35352.

forged steel valve

flexible graphite spiral wound gasket, ring joint can also be used according to demand, and the second is welded bonnet, through the thread sealing welding, demand can also be used directly rigid welded, and the third is self-sealing valve cover, through the self-sealing valve cover thread connection.

Cast steel Check Valve

Cast steel Check Valves are manufactured to the latest edition of BS1868 and tested to API Standard 598

steel lift check valve

H41H, H41Y type PN16 ~ PN100 steel lift check valve is an important aspect of the production process regulation system is to control the flow of media pipeline unidirectional valve to prevent the media back.

multifunction silent check valve

HDW41X multifunction silent check valve is mainly used for high-rise buildings, the pump output pressure at the outlet, the pump automatically open the valve slowly open

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