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Overview of the plug valve
Link: cameron plug valve    2017-08-23
... 2 Way plug valve is the application of the earliest one of the valve, the plug valve is a closed with a hole through the plunger-shaped rotary valve, the opening and closing parts with a through-hole plug, the shape of the valve plug can be cylindrical or conical Shaped, plug valve is mainly used to open and close the pipeline and equipment used. The opening and closing action of the plug valve is accomplished by the control of the plunger control by the valve stem, and the opening of the valve plug is connected to or separated from the channel opening on the valve body by 90 ° rotation to realize a valve which opens or closes.Plug the valve in the form of structure can be divided into tight-type plug valve, self-styled plug valve, plug valve and oil-type plug valve four.Plug the valve channel in many forms, according to the channel form points, can be divided into straight-through plug valve, three-way plug valve and four-way plug valve three, common straight-type mainly used for cutting off the fluid, three-way plug valve and Four-way plug valve for fluid exchange. View Details
Forged Cryogenic Valves causes leakage
Link: Forged Cryogenic Valves    2017-11-03
... Forged Cryogenic Valves causes leakageThere are two main cases, one is the inner leak; Two is leakage.Internal leakageThe main reason for the leakage of the valve is that the seal is deformed at low temperature. When the medium temperature drops to make the material produce phase change, it causes the volume change, so that the sealing surface of the original abrasive precision is distorted and the low temperature sealing is not good.leakageOf valve leakage: one is the valve and pipe flange connection with the payment, due to the connection pad material, connecting bolts, and fitting materials under low temperature shrinkage of sync between relaxation and lead to leakage. Therefore, the connection mode of valve body and pipeline is changed from flange connection to welded structure, avoiding low temperature leakage. The second is the leakage of stem and filler. View Details
​Steel plate valve
Link: Metal Seat Valve    2018-05-21
... Steel plate valve used in natural gas, petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, urban pipeline, gas pipeline and other transportation lines, the venting system and steam storage device, used for hoisting equipment. Z43-type single gate type with diversion holes plate valve used in natural gas extraction and purification of the long pipeline. View Details
Cast Trunnion Ball Valve
Link: Metal Seat Valve    2018-05-11
... The cast trunnion ball valve has the features of compact structure and beautiful appearance, and the cast trunnion ball valve can realize the path of 2 and 3, which can realize pneumatic and electric actuator. Cast Steel Trunnion Ball Valve are manufactured to the latest edition of API Standard 6D and tested to API Standard 598.Flanged Ball Valve only needs to rotate by 90 degrees and small rotational torque to close it. View Details
Slab Gate Valve
Link: Metal Seat Valve    2018-05-09
... The slab gate valve is a steel plate gate valve that closes a parallel gate. The closure can be either a single gate or a double gate with an open mechanism. The clamping force of the gate to the seat is controlled by the medium pressure of the action with the floating gate or the floating seat. If it is a double gate plate gate valve, the opening mechanism between the two gates can supplement this tension force.The plate gate valve can be divided into manual plate gate valve, pneumatic plate gate valve and electric plate gate valve. According to the purpose and usage, it can be divided into two kinds: guide hole plate gate valve, non-guide hole plate gate valve, oil field plate gate valve, pipeline plate gate valve and gas plate gate valve, etc. View Details
Link: cameron plug valve    2017-11-03
... Cameron plug valve is a rapid switch pass valve, due to the movement between rotating seal face with wiping, and can completely in the fully open to prevent contact with the liquid medium, so it usually can be used in medium with suspended particles. Another important feature of it is that it is easy to accommodate multi-channel structures, so that one valve can get two, three, or four different streams. This can simplify the design of the piping system, reduce valve usage and some of the connected accessories needed in the equipment. View Details

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