Professional manufacturer for designing & producing ball valves components.

Quality Control

“Safety and economical industrial valve solution” is Ouyi’s eternal quality policy and objective. Based on international and domestic industrial standards and customer requirements, we set up higher internal quality assurance standards to implement comprehensive and full quality management. OUYI already executed the full process quality control covered whole producing process which are from raw material purchasing, producing process, completed products inspection, test & tracing to after service. The inspection and tests include:

  • 1. NDE Test(PT, UT, PMI RT)
  • 2. Dimension control (FARO, CMM)
  • 3. Spectral analysis material identification (PMI)
  • 4. Microstructure testing
  • 5. A variety of mechanical tests
  • 6. Fire testing
  • 7. Cryogenic test
  • 8. High temperature test
  • 9. Vacuum test
  • 10. Pressure test gas
  • 11. Fluid power test
  • 12. The product life test
  • 13. Conventional pressure test
  • 14. Series of valves experiments